Meeting to consider certain bills, including emergency regulations related to natural gas drilling.

Meeting to consider certain bills, including emergency regulations related to natural gas drilling

May 24, 2011
10:30 AM
Room 8 E-A, Main Capitol
Harrisburg, PA

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Senate Bill 707, Printer’s Number 694 (Solobay) would add military spouses to the “educational leave-of-absence” protections granted to members of the National Guard or reserve when called to active duty.   A similar version passed the Senate unanimously last session (Senate Bill 196 of 2009-10 session).SB 707 Summary

Senate Bill 709, Printer’s Number 730 (Solobay) would allow fire company funds to be used for emergency medical service (EMS) or paramedic training.  This proposal was House Bill 810 of last session, which passed the full House unanimously last year.
SB 709 Summary

Senate Bill 776, Printer’s Number 789 (Stack) would preserve the educational requirements in place when a member of the military is deployed, should those requirements change during his/her deployment.  A service member could choose to abide by either the old or new requirements.  The educational institution would also be required to notify service members of these protections. A similar version, Senate Bill 825 of last session, passed the Senate unanimously.
SB 776 Summary

Senate Bill 777, Printer’s Number 790 (Stack) would allow military judge advocates and paralegal noncommissioned officers to serve as notaries.  This bill was Senate Bill 891 of last session, which was reported out of committee but was never passed by the Senate.

SB 777 Summary

Senate Bill 995, Printer’s Number 1102 (Baker) would require the posting of emergency contact information at all gas and oil well sites.  The Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) and the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) would adopt emergency regulations directing the operators of all gas and oil wells to adopt and register a GPS address, develop an emergency response plan, and post emergency information at each well entrance.
SB 995 Summary

Amendment A02317 (Baker) will clarify that emergency information must be posted at both the well pad site and access road entrance; that emergency plans must be submitted  to the county emergency management agencies; and that the bill’s provisions govern both new and existing well sites.

House Bill 385, Printer’s Number 349 (Boback) would designate the Honor and Remember Flag as the official flag to honor members of the military killed in the line of duty, and require the Department of General Services (DGS) to fly the flag in Soldiers and Sailors Grove in Harrisburg.
HB 385 Summary