Mensch Introduces Resolution Urging Congress to Further Appropriate for Military Salary Increases

Harrisburg –  Senator Bob Mensch (R- Montgomery, Bucks, Berks), Chair of the Senate Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness Committee, introduced Senate Resolution SR 448, which urges Congress to appropriate a larger salary increase than the 1% raise that was approved by the President.  This 1% raise would take effect in 2015.  This information came as a huge blow to military members who had been receiving an annual pay increase of 1.8%. The pay decision is not final and Congress could override the President’s pay order.

“We can do better for the men and women defending our country at home and abroad,” said Mensch.  “I understand that we are all still trying to bounce back from a tough economy, but we should give our military an increase close to inflation and show them our support.”

Active-duty troops and veterans have had difficulty making ends meet over the past four years.  This resolution would urge Congress to appropriate a 2% salary increase that would keep up with the rate of inflation.

The Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness Committee also considered the following bills:

SB 1429 (White)Amends Title 35 (Health and Safety) to remove the five-year sunset in order for fire companies to receive the total amount of grants indefinitely for those fire companies that consolidate.

SB 1480 (Mensch) – Amends Title 35 (Health and Safety) to give tax exemptions to out of state businesses who are working in the state during Presidential or Gubernatorial declared disasters.

The measures were unanimously reported out of the Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness Committee.  They were sent to the Senate for full consideration.

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